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Penelope Nicholas, Writer, Artist & The Greatest Mom Ever!And, An Intro to: JUST A SENIOR AND HER BLOG!

As a child, you look to being a grown up. Children at the age of 12 yrs. are almost teens. Teens turn into somewhat of a handful until they are 20 years of age. They are transforming from being a child into an adult. The growing and the knowledge has begun and curiosity at this age has been at best, satisfied. The second thing in their lives is, choosing that special some one. In choosing that special someone, some lives can be beautiful and some hurtful. No matter what the circumstance, a living has to be made to survive. What their choice is for a living is in the eye of the beholder.

I live in New England and this winter has been just one storm after another. We actually broke records. Home and road damages were reported and eventually folks didn’t want to turn on the news for more snow coming our way but, from late January until March the snow kept coming. Cars were buried and schools closed along with businesses. Today the 27th of March and it’s a bit warmer. The snow is starting to melt and we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I walked over to the window and sat in my favorite chair looking at what I thought were the last remnants of snow for this year.

Sitting in my favorite chair, my thoughts were of how many winters I have gone through in this old house. All of a sudden, my thoughts turned to age and, I almost fell off my chair, when I realized I was 82 years old. I almost said it out loud! I Can’t Believe I’m 82!

I calmed down for a moment and thought, I don’t act it or feel it but I bet others my age do and something has to change.

I immediately went to my computer and started with, what is the definition of age?

The definition of age is, bring or allow to ripeness or maturity. We are perceived even in the dictionary as something that ripens and rots. It does not mention what age we do this because it has no idea when we will mature or ripen.

I also did some research as to how did counting ones years come about.

Greek Jewish and Roman calendars were all different. Some years were counted by “eras” which means events. And not by a lifetime or rule of any one person. In other words, they went by events. Complicated? Yes! I like my theory best. I think it must have been a caveman of some sort piling rocks after each sunset. Sounds silly? Off-course but, until today there is no answer and it’s still in debate. In other words, my guess is as good as yours.

I now went to ageless, this explains what I want to convey much better. Ageless, Unaffected by time or age.

I jumped up and said, I’ve got it, by George, I’ve got it. I have had many experiences with people and how they perceive the people who have gone before them. Now I want to know how these labeled seniors see themselves and what they think about the people who treat them differently because of age.

Seniors, in my experience and belief are the most precious commodity we have. They hold the key to our lives They are the foundation of our very soul. They are the Moms, Dads, Grandparents and family mentors as well as roll models for future reference. Their teachings looks and mannerisms are adopted by their children and grandchildren in their looks, likes and business sense and on and on. I am sure you all have heard this in one form or another. “Wow! You look just like your Mother or You’re the spitting image of your father.” When people say this they mean well but more importantly they remember you as a Mother or Father.

Seniors, have humor, wisdom and experience. The stories of their lives should be encrypted for all time. They should be studied and copied and hope that someday they too will be recognized as a senior who has left much to improve the world we live in. In the old countries Seniors are treated with the utmost respect. They come first in every sense of the word.

I often wondered when I look into the eyes of a Senior, as to what they are thinking and what they think about age. Some look “the count” and others do not. So, what’s the difference? It is in my view how they see themselves. Is 40 the new 60? Or is 60 the new 80?

I, by count, am 82 so I sat again, in my favorite chair. That chair gets a lot of my time and a lot of thoughts were generated that turned into books. Not to mention the fact that the seat itself has my distinct impression in it. I am an Author of many books and have written one in particular titled, “Cha Ching! A Medical Nightmare!” It is a good read and it is on Kindle or you can download it on your P.C. You can order it right here by clicking at the bottom of the page. It is a book Seniors can relate to. Now, to go on.

When the Good Lord gave me this gift of writing, I just close my eyes and great things come to mind. I closed my eyes and said to myself, “I just turned 60.” You know what I felt, I first got chills and then I smiled, I think I’ll adopt this number as my age, for one month, and see what happens. Not for professionals of-course. They have to have the right number even though it burns my buttockal area to a crisp. So, I give my birthday, according to today’s calculations and they now know how old and how to treat me. I even had one nurse, after I gave my count, call me honey. I don’t know why they call Seniors honey. My guess is they feel younger then the Senior by expressing this word. Again, this happened to me with a nurse. I was sitting waiting my turn and a nurse came out and called my name. I got up and then she said, “This way honey.” My reply was, “O.K. Sweetheart.”

One Saturday we were invited to a gathering for a friend who was about to be married. There were people there I didn’t know. In getting into a conversation ironically, they started to talk about age. One women said, I just turned 56. She turned to me and said “How old are you? I said, “I just turned 60“. One man actually said, “Happy Birthday” I felt that chill up my spine again and now I am truly convinced that age is a state of mind. I know that as the count starts, we do have problems because of wear and tear but the mind is a wonderful thing and problems can be solved. Some even disappear.

Try this exercise and the feeling you get is just wonderful and youthful. It changes your whole outlook on life and how you live it.

Right now I bet you are saying but, that’s a lie. Do you know why I don’t find it a lie? Because this is how I perceive myself and believe that age is a state of mind.

As far as the professionals in your life doctors etc. you give them the count but don’t leave with the feeling of old age. Leave with the feeling that you got the help you needed to improve your health.

The count starts from the time we are born. 1 year old, two years old. Instead of saying, he’s only two. I have said it and all who are reading this have used the word age in some form or another. Probably will use it in the future because we were born to this word as children, adults and seniors. It’s been embedded in our very lives. What I want to convey is, yes it’s being used but don’t let the word age be an excuse for you not to live a full and healthy life.

We have birthdays to mark age and know how to treat us. We have family friends who know us and therefore know what our count is but I get a kick out of professionals that don’t know us at all. They of-course ask, “what is your birthday.”

When this first started about birthdays, I had gone for a physical. I thought it odd that the nurse taking my vitals asks about my birthday. I thought it was a joke and my response was, “why do you ask? do you want to buy me a gift?.” She laughed but, I still had to give her my count.

I have had it with this kind of fall out and I have decided to write this blog.

I am inviting Seniors to tell their stories on this blog. Be it funny or hurtful. I have heard it all from the peanut factory. Now it’s our turn. If you do not want to leave a name, then please choose a funny name or anon. Venting with humor is a lot of fun and knowing Seniors, they have a great sense of humor so, let’s vent.

One of my favorite Heroes and a mentor was Helen Keller. She became one of the best writers of all times. She conquered her disabilities of not hearing and seeing with the help of a masterful and dedicated teacher who saw she was special. Helen Keller wrote about the light from within and out of the darkness. She also wrote and I quote, “ When One Door Of Happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened.”

Helen Keller didn’t have age on her mind when she contributed to the world and left her footprint for all to see. She fought and conquered and succeeded in what she wanted to do. So, Seniors we have a lot of living to do and I want to hear from you and about your concerns. Your stories, funny ones or not. Lets open that door and take a look where age is not the main thing in your life. The main thing is fixing the problems and living a full and youthful life. I would also like to know what subjects you would like to talk about and if the younger generation would like to chime in and talk about the Seniors in their lives, they are also welcome to do so.

I hope this blog will be our special meeting place and talking to each other will be joyful.

I Am,


P.S. If you are interested in the books for, “Helen Keller” or my book,  “Cha Ching! A Medical Nightmare!,” please click the links below:



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